Carlos Sainz feels right with Ferrari’s decision to take in Frederic Vassuer who starts his F1 team boss job this month replacing Mattia Binotto.

While Binotto’s exit seemed happening, Ferrari delayed the announcement until after the 2022 F1 season was over. In fact, they communicated that the Italian filed his resignation which they accepted but how things happened, it seemed clear that this was coming.

Zak Brown noted that Sauber did call him to check on Andreas Seidl’s availability during the season which kind of showcases that they were somewhere aware of Vasseur probably moving to Ferrari in 2023. The announcements came thick and fast once it was done.

Binotto’s work ended in December with Vasseur now officially incharge of the Ferrari F1 stable. While Charles Leclerc has had the chance to work with him at Alfa Romeo, Sainz will have his first run as he left Renault at the time the Spaniard joined in.

But Sainz is not worried about that and he reckons Vasseur will be fine man to lead the Ferrari team. “Whenever someone new arrives, he has extra motivation, wanting to do well for himself and for the team,” he said. “You have to give him time to see how the team works, know what changes are needed.

“Ferrari is very big and I know it will take time. It doesn’t happen from one day to the next. I’ve heard very good things about him. I know him personally, he already wanted to sign me to go to Renault. I spoke to him after he was announced, I called him and I had my first contact as a Ferrari driver.

“I know he’s going to do well. From what I’ve been told and the way I’ve got to know him, I think he’s the right man. Everyone knows him in the paddock and I’m sure he will do well. There will be a period of adaptation, but Fred knows Formula 1 and also Ferrari very well.

“Now there will be this preparation phase and then we will start working with him at full speed,” summed up Sainz, who insisted that he isn’t worried about Vasseur already knowing Leclerc and if that will result in the Spaniard having to go the extra mile to bond with the Frenchman/

“No, because I don’t think I’m starting from scratch,” said Sainz. “I am sure I will get on well with him and that he will be happy with me when he sees me working, my relationship with the team and with Charles. I think his well-established relationship with Leclerc will also be very useful for everyone to speed up his acclimatisation here.”

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