Formula 2 carried out the first day of tests of the season with the new cars, highlighting the presence of Pepe Martí

After a few days dedicated to the maintenance of the Barcelona asphalt, Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya has started the year as it usually does, being a test bed for top-level events. Activity on the track has resumed with the FIA Formula 2 World Championship, an event that has debuted the new frame for the 2024 season.

With a day of six hours of filming and a total of 649 laps and 3018 km completed, the objective of the tests has been to check the reliability of the new F2 cars by doing long-duration relays. The teams, which have only been able to shoot with one car per set, have also collected valuable data to continue their development before starting the World Cup tour.

The Circuit is chosen again as a test bed for the complexity of its layout, having fast and slow corners, as well as long straights. In addition, it should be noted that F2 will return to Catalonia on the occasion of the Spanish Grand Prix 2024, which will take place on June 21, 22 and 23.

The technical director of FIA Formula 2, Pierre-Alain Michot, on the day of tests at the Circuit: “The purpose of this test was for the teams to understand how the new car works, to make sure that all the systems work well together and understand how this mixture of elements behaves. We are very happy with what we have achieved. The teams have been able to complete many kilometers, it is a good first step”.

The 2024 season in the intermediate category of the World Motorsport Championship is presented as one of the most exciting in recent times. The Catalan driver Pepe Martí, present during training, will face his first year in the category after a season full of success with F3. But, in addition, some of its rivals will be drivers with an excellent track record in the competitive scene, such as Enzo Fittipaldi, Juan Manuel Correa, Victor Martins or Richard Verschoor, among others.