Outing Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto is pleased with how Carlos Sainz managed to bounce back and learn through the 2022 F1 season.

It wasn’t the starts that Sainz wanted in 2022 F1 season when teammate Charles Leclerc thwarted competition in the early stages. The Monegasque was taking it to Red Bull when they struggled, but it didn’t last long for him and Ferrari.

While Leclerc had his own issues to deal with, Sainz simply faced reliability issues which hampered his progress. By his own admission, the Spaniard wasn’t where he wanted to be with the car and had to dig deep to get out of the situation and find pace.

Thankfully as the season progressed, he managed to do so and got comfortable with the Ferrari machine to register the results they needed to keep Mercedes off. Outgoing team boss Binotto reckoned it was important for Sainz to get that confidence for 2023.

“Regarding our drivers and in particular; Carlos Sainz, he had a bit of a struggle at the start, trying to adapt to the new era and the new 2022 car and design and the way the car was to be driven,” said Binotto to media. “I think he learnt and improved in the second part of the year and he has been and showed that he had good pace and Is a strong racer.

“He had a few DNF’s, so that is important in the balance of the season and this is something we need to look at next season and because not finishing is the worst result that can happen to our drivers by scoring zero points. Overall, I’m very happy that he has improved and is back to being competitive in terms of speed and pace and Ferrari can count on him in 2023,” summed up Binotto.

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