Williams stopped much of its development of the 2022 F1 car post Silverstone with the focus more on the long-term project.

The 2022 F1 season was a chance for teams like Haas and Williams to move itself back into the midfield reckoning. While the former did so in bits and pieces, the latter almost did it as well but eventually faded away as the season progressed.

The weight problem was real, so much that they had to shed paint from their car and run on carbon fiber. The team were in a struggling stage in 2021 as well, but interestingly they scored far more points last year than 2022, finishing 10th in the standings.

Outing technical director FX Demaison noted that Williams stopped with its development work on the 2022 car post its Silverstone update and focused more on 2023 and beyond. They did manage to identify the weak points and are addressing that.

“We had some good results but I mean, the cars did not really change since the, let’s say, the upgrade we did for Silverstone,” said Demaison. “I mean, for many reasons, we did not really concentrate our effort on this car, but more on the long transformation where we are doing in Grove. This is our priority.

“So I think we maximise the opportunity we have and then we concentrate on the longer term and improve our team and that’s the main thing. So the results are… for sure I’m a racer, I’m not happy with being tenth in the Championship, but I think it’s something we have to accept at the moment and really build for the future.

“I think it was 22 races or 21 now, and we really identified what are the weak points of the car, where we need to improve and we have in place a solution and plans to get there. But I will not give you the list of this because I don’t want… I’m an engineer and I will not give you the sort of details,” summed up Demaison.

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