Williams wants Alexander Albon to get a bit more hard and push the F1 team in debriefs and outside the car as they feel he is too nice.

Outgoing technical director FX Demaison feels Albon is too soft and nice in debriefs and that Williams needs the Thai racer to be a bit more hard and push them with feedback and changes to help the outfit move back into the midfield after troubled few seasons.

After the financial troubles few years ago, Williams seems to be in a good spot with Dorilton Capital. They lost George Russell but got Albon in, while Nicholas Latifi’s stint has ended and they are now to check out F1 rookie Logan Sargeant.

In general as well, Albon is considered to be a nice guy in the F1 paddock. As per Demaison, the Thai is mostly like that in debriefs too. And he wants him to be the self in debriefs and meets like he is when he is inside the car.

“It was a really good help for us, because we are only engineers and we need drivers to give us a direction,” said Demaison. “And because of his experience, it’s helped us and given us the right direction. So, it’s really a good help. And he’s a nice person – sometimes too nice. He needs to be a bit more hard with the team and push us a bit more.

“He does not [push us hard enough], it’s his nature – unless he has the helmet on, then he can be hard – but he should be a bit harder in the debrief. Every day I tell him, ‘you have to be a…’ a word I will not pronounce! If you want to be a World Champion, you have to be like this’,” summed up Demaison, whose replacement is yet to be announced by Williams.

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