Alexander Albon visited the Wat Sakraeo Orphanage where he and Jost Capito have donated money to renovate its Sports Hall.

Post the 2022 F1 season, Albon visited Thailand for some time away with his girlfriend. During his holiday, the Williams driver visited the Wat Sakraeo Orphanage as well where he and his team boss Capito kindly donated to renovate its Sports Hall.

Albon had a special helmet which he wore during the Singapore GP and auctioned it to raise funds. The collective amount raised was just under £100,000. Due to this kind gesture, the orphanage will rename the hall to ‘Alex Albon Hall’.

“Earlier this year I visited the Wat Sakraeo Orphanage. We had an idea to design a helmet for the Singapore Grand Prix and auction it off to raise funds for essential work that needed to be done,” wrote Albon. “Due to one very kind donor for the helmet and many other donations through the year, we’ve managed to raise just under £100,000.

“This will help to completely restore, and even add to, the previous sports hall. This sports hall will of course be used for sports, such as soccer, basketball and badminton but also assemblies, plays and music performances. A place for the community. I got to meet all the kids that designed my helmet as well as the 2,500 other children…

“It’s such a special place and I can’t explain to you just how amazing these children are. They are so kind and so positive it really puts your life into perspective and makes you realise how grateful you are. Of course you can still donate! Please visit the link in my bio if you would like to,” summed up Albon.

The work done with the donation included:

  • All new painting of the ceiling construction, inside- and outside walls.
  • Roof repair and repair of the airflow system.
  • Replacement of the old rusty and damaged fence-doors.
  • New energy saving LED lighting and replacement of the old electric cables.
  • New, professional sports flooring with different markings of indoor sports.

Here’s more photos and details of the charity:

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