Tom McCullough speaks on the progress that Aston Martin has made during the course of 2022 F1 season which will come in handy for 2023.

It wasn’t the start that Aston Martin wanted to their 2022 F1 campaign and their initial concept seemingly didn’t work. They switched to a different in the middle of the year which was closer to the Red Bull style and it started to reap some results for them.

They always had two concepts in the pipeline as they noted. Though they started to do well, they were always behind in the game. “We didn’t start the season as competitively as we wanted to at all,” said technical chief McCullough. “We struggled a lot with the porpoising, the bouncing of the cars at the start of the year, at the first two or three races in particular.

“And we realised from a development side of things that we’d sort of not gone down the path that was going to make a usable car trackside. We ended-up changing that, which was a pretty early decision. When we were going through all the initial races, initial testing. Obviously brought the heavily updated car to Barcelona. And since then, we’ve just been continuously trying to develop that car, that theory.

“Now we’ve made a lot of progress, but we started a bit too far back. So that’s why we’re still struggling hard where we are now. But I think we brought a lot of new people in and they are working well within the team. And we can… we’re on a path, we’re all developing the same way. We know where the limitations are. We know what we’ve got to do. It’s just a matter of getting heads down and pulling the team together, as we grow, to try to continue to develop and produce a better car next year,” summed up McCullough.

When asked to elaborate on their troubles over the year, McCullough stated that their care had a narrow window of working and it was there for almost all of the races in the year. “At the end of the day, the margins are small,” he said. “We had a car that was in a very narrow operating window and it was very hard when you go to a track with different grip-limited conditions.

“We’re now a little bit more adaptable from track to track. Obviously Mexico was a tough one for us. But the car is a bit more usable than it was at the start of the year. Now, we were doing a lot of bouncing at the start of the year which thankfully we’ve got largely on top of, and overall the trackside group, with the support of more of the factory groups are able to go to a track, optimise the car, get the tyres working, and race while at the start of the year, we were just too many compromises within the car,” summed up McCullough.

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