F1 has shared some of the changes to be seen in the 2023 season, including few things that will be trialed at selected grands prix.

Some of the changes are known from discussions last year, with regards to sprint races seeing an increase from three to six, floor/diffuser adjustments, roll hoops strengthening, car weight reduction, curfew hours, penalty imposing, and more.

An additional change aside this will be applied to the qualifying format. F1 is not changing the format per se but they will trial a new style up to two events in 2023 to evaluate. It deals with the use of tyres which will be made mandatory.

The three-part F1 qualifying will see hard tyres used for Q1, medium in Q2 and soft in Q3. The ‘Revised Qualifying Format’ – as it is named – will have drivers getting 11 sets of dry-weather tyres instead of the 13 they get in normal sessions.

“A ‘Revised Qualifying Format’ (RQF) will take place at up to two events in 2023 “for the purpose of evaluating whether the revisions are suitable for subsequent championships” – as per the updated regulations,” said the ruling.

“This will see tyre compounds mandated for each stage of F1’s usual three-part qualifying session: hard tyres only in Q1; mediums tyres only in Q2; and, finally, soft tyres only in Q3. Intermediates and wets will be allowed if the RQF sessions are declared wet.

“At RQF events, each driver may use no more than 11 sets of dry-weather tyres, four sets of intermediate tyres and three sets of wet-weather tyres. This compares to the normal weekend allowance of 13 sets of dry-weather tyres, four sets of intermediate tyres and three sets of wet-weather tyres.”

Here’s some of known changes in points:

  • Floor edges have been raised by 15mm; the diffuser throat height has been raised; the diffuser edge stiffness has been increased; and an additional sensor has been mandated to more effectively monitor the porpoising phenomenon.
  • A reduction of 2kg – to 796kg – is being implemented for 2023.
  • There will be a change to rear-view mirrors on F1’s 2023-spec cars, with the width of the reflective surface increasing by 50mm from 150mm to 200mm.

Here’s the full list of changes to be seen: https://www.formula1.com/en/latest/article.from-cutting-curfews-to-grid-penalties-10-rule-changes-you-need-to-know.5EN5ENd23oOqFDnw8fD0rp.html

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