Mercedes F1 tech chief James Allison opens up on multiple topics related to himself, drivers and the team as Lewis Hamilton hopes the world is kinder after COVID-19 pandemic.

In our F1 Beyond The Grid podcast style, we have summed up the topics discussed by Allison in a new video titled ‘In Conversation With…’ from Mercedes. The Brit is candid to speak on various topics, whether personal or professional. Here they are:

  • In unorthodox fashion, the chat began with discussions about the order of ingredients that go into tea, but not long after the real conversation began with talks about the strange times we find ourselves in.
  • The next topic was in relation to what can be learned about the W11, as they have more time to think about what can be done to improve the car.
  • Allison predicted that this shutdown will produce a boom in creativity, for a number of reasons. Also discussed was how he has been spending his time, with zoom meetings, gardens, and more.
  • Hypothesizing, Allison joked that if he were to find a way to fit into an F1 car, he’d likely find himself miles off the pace; he also talked about his sim experience, which is non-existent.
  • Moving on from this, the Mercedes F1 engineer recalled his relationship with Sir Stirling Moss, which was limited but enjoyable.
  • Speaking on a more personal note, Allison talked about how Mercedes took him under their wing following the tragic passing of his wife, and supported him post his Ferrari stint.
  • Using team transfers as a segway, Allison answered a question about the behind-the-scenes career moves of engineers that aren’t in the spotlight in the same way to driver moves, which is key as well for teams success.
  • The next topic was Mercedes’ star driver Hamilton, who Allison praised, saying that he has yet to lose his ‘magic’ in the same way that other drivers have
  • Away from the driver and focusing more on the car, Allison also provided some insight into the creation of Mercedes’ DAS, and their special wishbone, the latter being something he is equally proud of, despite it not drawing as much attention.

Here’s the full video with James Allison:

While Allison conversed through visual media, away from humdrum, Hamilton wrote a beautiful message where he hopes that the world can be much more kinder post the COVID-19 pandemic and don’t get back to their old ways of destroying nature.

Additionally, Hamilton also shared that his vegan burger chain, ‘Neat Burger’, is sending food for frontline workers at NHS, with about 10,000 being the aim, as he extends a helping hand towards the COVID-19 fighters.

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The story was co-written by Darshan Chokhani