F1 drivers unite in wishing well for Lando Norris after his first victory in Miami GP, as team bosses too pay their congratulations to him.

It felt like victory for all when McLaren’s Norris took the top step in Miami GP. It took him more than 100 races and few obstacles to achieve that but he finally did and straight up beat Red Bull’s Max Verstappen, who was equally happy to be beaten.

The two good friends along with Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc enjoyed the podium in Miami and much like others had kind words for Norris. In fact, the Brit was greeted by host of F1 drivers which included his former teammates at McLaren too.

The likes of Fernando Alonso, Carlos Sainz, Daniel Ricciardo and Lewis Hamilton were spotted congratulating him and giving a hug. They also spoke about Norris deserving the F1 win and that it should have happened longtime back.

The joy saw Ferrari boss Frederic Vasseur bomb the post-win team celebrations in the paddock too. The Frenchman sported a McLaren cap and joined in with Norris, Zak Brown, Andrea Stella and Oscar Piastri while taking the official winning photograph.

Here’s what the host of F1 drivers and team bosses said –

Lewis Hamilton: “I had my first win with McLaren, so really happy to see McLaren back up there. The whole team has done an amazing job. I was with them from 13 years old. So you know, so happy, it’s still a big part of my heart there. So really happy to see them get back at the top and also dethrone the Bulls. And then Lando, I know Lando quite well, we’ve got a peaceful relationship. I know what it’s like to get that first Grand Prix win and how special it is. So, I couldn’t be happier for him.”

Max Verstappen: “Well, I think it was a long time coming, you know, and I’m very happy to be beaten by Lando today. He definitely deserved it. He was just miles faster at the end there. So, yeah, it’s great. You know, winning your first race is always, I think, quite emotional. And, yeah, it brings you back to all the days that you worked towards Formula 1, and then you dream of being on the podium, but then being on the top step. So, yeah, of course, I’m not very happy with my day, but you can appreciate and respect what Lando has done today, and I’m very happy for him.”

Charles Leclerc: “I’m just really happy for Lando. You know, as much as we all want to beat each other and to come out on top, it’s always emotional to see so many emotions in one of your competitors. We have all grown up together. I mean, Max and myself were on the category above, but you always keep an eye on the younger categories. And I remember looking at Lando when he was in KF3, and we all had this same dream of being a Formula 1 driver one day. and then once you achieve that you want obviously the first win and I remember my first win and it is a very, very special moment. So I told him already that he needs to enjoy as much as possible but I don’t have to tell him that, I’m sure that tonight will be a good night and he definitely deserves it.”

Fernando Alonso: “Well done to Lando. First win after so many podiums. I’m really happy for him. Hopefully he remembers this day – the first of many wins. He is a nice kid, a very nice man and a very talented driver. I know him very well, we did Daytona 24 Hours in 2019 together. He started in McLaren as a test driver when I was there. We both live in Monaco, we see each other sometimes there in the city, travelling together sometimes as well. And after so many podiums I think he deserves this win, as I said, hopefully he enjoys this day because sometimes you forget quickly because you are so focused on the next event but yeah, I am very happy for him and for McLaren as well.”

Nico Hulkenberg: “Yeah, well, congrats to him, to McLaren, that’s a big deal obviously. And to do it in a place like here, [I am a] bit jealous.”

Oscar Piastri: “I think for Lando to win the race on pace, he took away from Max after the safety car, that’s very-very encouraging signs. Very happy for him and for the whole team, and I think we deserve it. Our trajectory in the last 12 months has been towards this moment.”

Daniel Ricciardo: “I’m genuinely very happy for the kid. As a teammate, obviously you get to know them a little bit better. And obviously, I got to know Lando well and you have, like, a bit of a closer connection. So, obviously, we spent some time away from the track together. He actually came out to my farm in Australia this January. I’ve got to spend some time with him. I like the kid. You know, I think a lot of us felt it was a matter of time until he was able to have a day like this. But nothing’s guaranteed in the sport, you know, so happy that he did get to have a day like this, one that will forever be one of the greatest days of his life. Happy to see that smile on him, not a great day for me but to see him have a day like this, it finishes a day off with something nice and positive.

“Yeah, he’s a good kid and deserves it. As a person, he’s a good person and he’s got good sense of humour, we get on with him but he’s talented, obviously a lot of us here are but he’s been so close, so many times and we all felt at some point that he’s probably the next driver in line who deserves a win – no one’s going to hand it to him – but if he got it, then I am sure we all feel like that, that kid has worked hard for it. We know that he belongs on the top step at some point and happy he got his day.”

George Russell: “Definitely very well deserved and I am happy for him. He’s deserving of a race victory probably many, many years ago. And I think for all the drivers in Formula 1 in this era of dominance from one team and one driver, it’s always great to see somebody get that chance to score a victory. As I said, Lando is deserving for that.

Carlos Sainz: “I think Lando has been deserving of a win for many, many years now. He’s been driving at an exceptional level and to finally get it. I’m obviously happy for him and frustrated because we were ahead of him before that pit stop before the Safety Car. If we would have extended one more lap, we would have pitted under the Safety Car and we would have won the race too. But I think luck comes to the guys who deserve it and Lando is was one of those guys that deserved a little bit of luck this weekend to win this race. Lando, he’s been driving like a race winner for many, many races in a row now.

“He just deserves the win. Luck or not luck, doesn’t matter. He’s a race winner and it’s about time that it was coming for him and people just need to accept that when you don’t have the best car, you sometimes need a bit of luck. I think among us drivers we know who deserves to win races and who is driving at the level to win races. And we all know Lando has been driving to win races, and when he gets by anyone, we’re all happy for him.”

Frederic Vasseur: “I want to congratulate Lando and McLaren. I think that Lando deserves it, that he did the last two or three very good seasons. Even if I’m fighting with Ferrari and I’m not at McLaren, I’m very happy for them because they deserve the success.”

Toto Wolff: “First of all I want to congratulate McLaren, Lando, Zak, Andrea and the team. We just looked at last year’s results and they were 16th and 19th in qualifying and race. They have made such a massive step since last summer and they won fair and square and this is with a Mercedes engine and that is so important for all of us to see that you can make these steps if you’re bringing the right upgrades and do the right work, so I see only positives. Lando’s victory was overdue, for a long time. It’s good for the sport, I see lots of positives.”

Christian Horner: “I think we have congratulate Lando on his first victory. It is always a big moment for any grand prix driver to win their first race, so congrats to him and to McLaren.”

Here’s the celebrations: https://www.formula1.com/en/latest/video.2024-miami-grand-prix-norris-celebrates-with-his-mclaren-team-after-his-maiden-grand-prix-win.1798251250032998071.html



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