McLaren and Mercedes showcase their work inside their factories at Woking and Brixworth as they work under F1 Project Pitlane for COVID-19 pandemic.

While Ferrari is helping the health officials in Italy, the seven UK-based F1 teams have come together under Project Pitlane, to help various hospitals in the country, with devices to aide the doctors in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic, wrecking havoc.

The seven F1 teams – Mercedes, McLaren, Red Bull Racing, Racing Point, Williams, Renault and Haas – have been working with various companies and entrepreneurs to develop devices, using their facility where they normally work to prepare car parts.

We have had multiple stories already about the orders from the UK Govt for certain approved devices, especially on Mercedes and McLaren side. One of the devices from Red Bull and Renault did not get COVID-19 approval, but could be used for other patients.

It is not only the VentilatorChallenge UK which has been talked upon the most, but Williams also noted their cooks, who make meals during the F1 races for the whole team are contributing towards the society and helping in every way possible.

Here’s a ‘Thank You’ video from Williams:

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