Toto Wolff has bought shares in Aston Martin but it isn’t to change his role with the Mercedes F1 Team, where he remains team principal and a shareholder.

Ever since the stories of Aston Martin begun, Wolff has been linked on numerous times, so much so that, it was said that the Austrian will lead the team in F1 as Mercedes would bow out. Those stories were quashed with Lawrence Stroll taking the centerstage.

Stroll has bought the majority shares in Aston Martin to become its new co-owner. As a result, the Racing Point F1 team will be re-branded from 2021 onward. Despite the new injection, the British car maker is looking for more shareholders.

And that’s where Wolff stepped in to take 4.77 percent of shares which would be about 0.95 percent of the company’s stake. The Mercedes-Aston Martin link is not new as the British company is already a partner of the German manufacturer for engines.

This, however, won’t affect the position of Wolff at Mercedes, as this looks like a strategic investment, something the Austrian has been doing most of his life. There maybe questions raised when the brand eventually makes its F1 return in 2021 but for now it is fine.

While the official confirmation awaits when the Aston Martin board meets but a statement from Wolff’s spokesperson to SportsMail stated: “Fully diluted following the pending rights issue, this investment will represent a 0.95 per cent stake in the company.

“It is a financial investment and Toto’s partnership and executive roles with Mercedes are unaffected by the transaction.” As we saw with Stroll’s buyout of Aston Martin, we await for the full details of the deal when the board meet is done with.

Wolff has, anyways, played down his links with Aston Martin on numerous times, even recently in an interview to Austrian TV, where he re-affirmed that his future is with Mercedes and they are working on a deal to extend the partnership.

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