FX Demaison says Williams were kind of stuck in the past for few years and that only now the modernisation is happening.

Financial limitations started to hurt Williams a lot in the last few years until Dorilton Capital came to its rescue. The family had to give up the team eventually to the new investors who have recently invested in the modernisation of the factory.

Outing technical director Demaison noted that it will take 2-3 years to get maximum of the team and for the modernisation to reap results. It is a long journey which is why Williams stopped working on 2022 car as much and focused on the future ahead.

“We’ve been investing for sure a lot of money and effort in the modernisation of the company,” said Demaison. “For many reasons, mostly financial, Williams have been stuck a bit in the past. So, that was the priority. Invest in the wind tunnel, invest in the factory and invest in people.

“So we are slowly getting to where we are but to build a team you need two to three years, and to get the maximum out of this team, it’s another two to three years. So, it’s a long journey,” summed up Demaison who further expanded on how much work has been done and how much is left to be done.

“An engineer is never happy with the speed of evolution,” said Demaison. “So, I will not give you a number because that will indicate where we are, but it’s progressing well. I see a good dynamic. The team is working more and more together. I start to see the type of working atmosphere like, it’s people exchanging, talking and having discussion.

“Sometimes difficult discussions. But the strength of a team is when, in the locker room, you can tell your team-mate that he did a bad job, and you need to be better the next time, and we’re going that way. So I see the dynamic coming and I’m really looking forward to seeing a result in the future,” summed up Demaison.

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