The FIA has revealed the changes made to Marina Bay Sands circuit for this weekend’s F1 Singapore GP as it adds a new DRS zone.

The governing body has noted the multiple changes made at Marina Bay Sands circuit for this weekend’s F1 Singapore GP, with multiple resurfaces undertaken from the 2018 grand prix event.

In its pre-event note, the FIA stated about resurface of the entire pitlane working lane, while it also added on other extensive resurface done in various sections all around the street circuit.

They have also installed five domed kerb sections which is 50mm, approximately 1.5m from the track edge behind the exit of Turn 7. The pitlane speed limit has been lowered to 60 km/hr.

In terms of the DRS zones, a third zone has been added whose detection point will be 102m before T13 with activation 78m after T13. It actually forms the second zone on the circuit.

The first detection point will be at the exit of T4 with the activation point 53m after T5. Meanwhile, the detection point will be 180m before the apex of T22, and the activation point will be 48m after apex of T23.

The four stewards of the grand prix were also named with former F1 racer Mika Salo being joined by national steward Nish Shetty and other representatives Tim Mayer and Enzo Spano.