Ferrari drivers Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc had their couple of days of Pirelli F1 tyre testing for the 2024 season at Fiorano.

Post the Abu Dhabi GP, Pirelli unveiled the calendar for the 2023 season marking the dates to test the 2024 F1 compounds in winter. The first in the lot was Alfa Romeo at Paul Ricard on December 3-4, but neither of them shared any information around it.

Ferrari in their test at Fiorano, though, not only shared pictures but also videos of running the 2024 compounds. Both of these running was of the wet and intermediate tyres, with another one slated to take place on February 3-4 at Paul Ricard with AlphaTauri.

The dry compounds, meanwhile, will be first run by AlphaTauri next week on December 13-14 at Portimao, with Mercedes running at Paul Ricard on February 1-2 and also Jerez on February 7-8 where they will also be joined by Aston Martin.

The in-season testing dates haven’t been released yet, with Pirelli working on the same with the FIA and F1 teams. Meanwhile, Ferrari had both Sainz and Leclerc doing their part this week with the Spaniard in action on Day 1 and the Monegasque on Day 2.

This was the first run for either of the drivers since the announcement of Mattia Binotto leaving the team at the end of December 2022. Reports has linked Frederic Vasseur to be the front-runner, but the Italian manufacturer stated that will reveal by next year only.

Here’s the photos and videos from the test:

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