Mattia Binotto points out where Red Bull gained throughout the 2022 F1 season which aided them in the long run to win the title.

For Ferrari, the season 2022 while being one of success, also mirrored some bad luck where the strategy of the Maranello concern was called into play. Perhaps it was a year that got away from them after a good start against rivals Red Bull and Mercedes.

However, it was still their best season for a couple of years and definitely gave them something to work on. On occasion, Binotto came under scrutiny for some of the decision making especially when things started to fall apart in the middle of the season.

The success of Red Bull in the course of the season and how they tacked rule changes was admirable in the same breath and Binotto reckons the weight reduction certainly helped them and that they were able to extract the maximum from the car.

“I think there have been a few factors, the first I think in terms of development,” said Binotto to media when asked where did Ferrari fall back. “Red Bull saw the clear multi rule which included reducing the weight of the car which was not our case and somehow they knew what to tackle in order to get the performance out of the car itself”.

“For us it was more complicated because it was throughout our allotments and to do with the car. I think when we look back, what we did was not certainly sufficient. We stopped very early but not choice, due to expenditures reasons. It’s something that we need to review how we made the right choice by stopping so early, was our priority 2022 or 2023.

“I don’t know whether the 2023 car has been the right choice or not. I think the main reason is clear and that Red Bull got the weight reduction and it was more straightforward in extracting performance from the car itself,” summed up Binotto.

A challenging season and maybe they got away from themselves but still a good performance with second place in both championship’s.  What possibly separated Ferrari from Red Bull was team work where the latter knuckled down and got on with the job at hand and everyone from the factory floor in Milton Keynes to the race-day outfit worked together as a unit. This definitely went a large way to securing both titles.

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