Max Verstappen is now the highest earner in F1 – as per Forbes calculations – ahead of Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso.

Having taken his first F1 title in 2021, Red Bull’s Verstappen jumped Mercedes’ Hamilton in the earning list with a total of $60 million where $40 million came in salary and the rest $20 million in bonus. This is as per the calculation done by Forbes publication.

It is based on sources and other avenues and not exact figure as the F1 teams and drivers do not divulge the amount they pay or get. Also, Forbes hasn’t include any outside endorsement income in this, but believe it is not hugely significant in general.

It is because F1 drivers hardly endorse products outside their teams or sponsors. Going back to the list, Hamilton earns a total of $55 million – all of it being his salary. Alpine’s Alonso is third on the list with $30 million – again without any bonus.

Having signed up with Red Bull last year, Sergio Perez saw an increase in his earning largely down to the $16 million bonus he got beside the $10 million salary, making it a sum total of $26 million. It is likely a huge increase from his Force India days.

Ferrari’s young gun Charles Leclerc slots in fifth with $23 million where $12 million comes in salary and $11 million in bonus. Behind him is his former teammate Sebastian Vettel who signed up with Aston Martin in 2021, earning $17 million.

In it is $15 million as his salary and $2 million in bonus. Outgoing F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo is seventh with McLaren paying him $17 million in total with the same division as Vettel. Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz in eighth earns a total of $15 million.

Interestingly, his salary of $8 million is very close to his bonus of $7 million. His good friend Lando Norris’ division sees more of bonus amount than salary with the former being $6 million and latter $5 million which totals to $11 million from McLaren.

Having signed with Mercedes last year, George Russell slotted in 10th with a total earning of $10 million where $7 million is bonus and $3 million in salary. Forbes only prepared a list of Top 10 earners from the 20 drivers in the championship.

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