F1 has detailed on new informative graphics set to be used from the 2020 season onward, complied by Amazon Web Service.

As we get closer to the 2020 season start, F1 along with AWS has released details of new informative graphics which fans will see on TV from Round 1 onward. The idea is to educate fans with as much details as possible about the car performance.

F1 has noted five new data sheet to be seen on our TV – all won’t be seen in Austria as some will be implemented during the course of 2020:

• Ultimate Driver Speed Comparison, which will allow fans to see how their favorite drivers compare to other drivers in history, dating back to 1983, to help determine the fastest driver of all time. This will debut on August 7-9 at the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix at Silverstone.

• High-Speed/Low-Speed Corner Performance, which will show fans how well drivers tackle both the fastest (109+mph) and slowest (below 78mph) bends on the track. This will debut on August 28-30 at the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa.

• Driver Skills Rating, which will break down and score driver skills to help identify the best ‘total driver’ on the track, based on factors such as qualifying performance, starts, race pace, tyre management and overtaking/defending styles, to provide an overall driver ranking. This will debut in the second half of the season.

• Car/Team Development & Overall Season Performance, allowing fans to see teams’ pace development throughout the season, based on their race-to-race performance. This will debut in the second half of the season.

• Qualifying and Race Pace Predictions, which will gather data from practice and qualifying laps to predict which team is set to perform best during qualifying and the race. Again, this will debut in the second half of the season.

F1 Chief Engineer Rob Smedley said: “Over the past two years, Formula 1 has embraced AWS’s services to perform intense and dynamic data analysis. The F1 Insights we’re delivering together are bringing fans closer to the track than ever before, and unlocking previously untold stories and insights from behind the pit wall.

“We’re excited to be expanding this successful relationship to bring even more insights to life, allowing fans to go deeper into the many ways that drivers and racing teams work together to affect success.”

The move from F1 comes after it used tyre data last year to showcase the performance and state of the compounds during the grand prix. It came under scanner with teams and even Pirelli raising question on the data shared on the TV screens.

Here’s a video from AWS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHOYB7AwPJ0

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