The FIA World Motor Sport Council has approved changes to the F1 2020 rules with regards to tyre and grid personnel along with technical side.

The FIA WMSC meet on Friday noted the changes to the tyre rule to be seen in 2020 along with the grid formation and more on the Sporting and Technical side. They also approved all of the changes required for the 2020 to start in Austria in July.

Providing a gyst of changes on Sporting side, the FIA stated:

  • Ability for the Stewards to operate remotely in exceptional circumstances, should the conditions require it.
  • Adjustments to team curfew periods because of working conditions under social distancing.
  • Amendments to the tyre allocation regulations to give greater operational flexibility to the FIA and Pirelli.
  • Introduction of Team Personnel Limits at the starting grid.
  • Adjustments to the certain race procedures (start, race resumption, etc.).
  • Definition of the Podium Ceremony for Open and Closed Events to cater for COVID-19 restrictions.

Elaborating on the tyres side, there will be a big change for the interim period. Pirelli already released the compounds for the eight F1 races to be held but the Italian manufacturer are not required to share the individual sets.

That is because the FIA has set the rule of same number of sets. As per the fixed number for the slick tyres, each F1 driver will have eight sets of the soft (red) compound, three of medium (yellow) and two of hard (white).

On the grid formation side, the pit will open 30 minutes prior to the formation lap as opposed to 40 minutes. It will reflect on other signals with first one coming at 22 minutes instead of 32 minutes where they will have two minutes of warning for pit lane closure.

At 20 minutes, the second warning will be signaled and as usual anyone who does not make it onto the grid will have to start from the F1 pitlane. The next warning will come five minutes prior to the formation lap as opposed to the three minutes.

At this time most of the personnel from only the 40 allowed will have to start leaving and at three minutes signal, not more than 16 will be allowed on the grid. With one minute remaining, all of them will have to leave within the 45 seconds.

If anyone remains with 15 seconds to go, the driver will have to start from the F1 pitlane along with a penalty. Meanwhile, after the initial information from Ross Brawn, the podium procedure wasn’t detailed in the regulations released.

It simply stated that the details will be provided in the FIA Race Directors’ note prior to the event. Aside this, the Technical changes for 2020 as well as 2021 had addition of Article 5.1.6, related to the partial-load fuel mass flow rate and adjustments and refinements to Article 22, concerning the newly-introduced Homologated Components.

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