The FIA has revealed a ‘safeguard clause’ in its rule book but a larger discussion on 2020 cancellation is being looked at due to COVID-19 pandemic.

In yet another change, the World Motor Sport Council (WMSC) has approved a rule change on the FIA International Sporting Code, where they can bring any alteration in the regulations at a short period of time with majority vote on it.

This will disallow a situation where any team could block certain rule change. One of the current topics in F1 is the budget cap where McLaren and Ferrari are at loggerheads, with regards to further lowering of the cap from $145-150 million.

The initial cap was at $175 million for 2021 but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they verbally agreed about a drop of about $25-30 million. But McLaren wants further drop, something which Ferrari is not party to as it may lead to a mass lay-off.

While the talks continue, the FIA has managed to bring up the rule change. The changed rule can be found in underline: “18.2.4 Shorter notice periods than those mentioned above may be applied, provided that the unanimous agreement of all Competitors properly entered for the Championship, cup, trophy, challenge or series concerned is obtained.

“However, in exceptional circumstances, and if the FIA considers that the change in question is essential for the safeguarding of the Championship, cup, trophy, challenge or series concerned, the agreement of the majority of the Competitors properly entered shall suffice.”

The bigger news which can reveal is regarding the whole of 2020 cancellation, across championships. As per our sources, the FIA had a video conference meet with Dorna Sports/FIM, ACO, SRO Motorsports Group and co, to discuss about the current situation with regards to the pandemic.

Already, we have seen multiple cancellations and postponements, with majority hoping to re-start things from July or August onward. The Governments, however, are placing rules for mass gatherings which puts sporting events in grave dangers.

Amid the ideas of no-spectator races, our source stated that whole of 2020 cancellation is also being looked at as a worse-case scenario step. While announcing reattribution, Liberty Media, for the first time admitted about ‘zero race’ situation in F1.

This comes after the special meet – which took place last week – after which the FIA and SRO jointly announced that the second edition of Motorsport Games will be deferred, as well, to 2021 due to the worsening situation in France.

At the same time, reports from ACO side points towards another re-schedule of the Le Mans 24 Hours, which is due to take place in September. It is natural for motorsport bodies to look into the worst step but things are changing in daily capacity, so we more changes in the coming days and weeks in rules and discussions.

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