Red Bull Racing consultant Dr. Helmut Marko says that Austria along with the Austrian GP race promoters’ are working on various ideas to host F1 races in 2020.

With Austria limiting restrictions in the country amid COVID-19 pandemic as cases fall down, F1 is eyeing the Austrian GP as a potential first grand prix for the 2020 season during its original date of July 3-5 weekend at the Red Bull Ring circuit.

In their last meeting, the discussions about Austrian GP took place along with British GP, the latter probably staging two-three rounds. The Silverstone circuit owners are open to the idea, which is now same for the Red Bull Ring owners as well.

In an interview to Austrian TV ORF, Marko opened up on an idea of having two races in Austria, where one will take place on a normal Sunday but the other may take place on a Wednesday on a weekday, so that F1 can stage as many races possible.

“The omens indicate that the chances are very high of having a closed door event,” started Marko. “Everything will be checked, but the most likely would be a normal Grand Prix first on July 5 and then a two-day event afterwards [with qualifying on Tuesday and another race on Wednesday].”

Additionally, Marko stated that the facility will have testing kits where each member will be tested for the COVID-19. They are also contemplating having charter flights for all the teams flying in, in the nearby airport, so that there is no trouble to be in the city.

Marko feels that should they are able to undertake the event, it will be a good advertisement, not only for the circuit but also the sport and country too. “The most likely thing is that everyone who comes to this event will have to take a test,” he said.

“To what extent media will be admitted to the event is still open,” said Marko. “The focus is on the digital, on television broadcasting. After a long dry spell, the first major international event would also have many spectators, pictures from Austria would go around the world.

“It would be an invaluable advertising effect and also a sign of how efficiently our government is working. If the season were to fail, the six smaller teams would not get any income. I think that would mean the financial end for many teams,” noted Marko.

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