The FIA has had to postpone the second edition of the Motorsport Games – due to take place in France – by a year because of COVID-19 pandemic.

While racing events from world championships are being cancelled/postponed left and right, the FIA along with SRO Motorsports have decided to defer the second edition of Motorsport Games by a year to 2021, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Motorsport Games started in 2019 as an Olympic-style competition in Italy and was to take place in France this year on October 22-24. The on-track events would have taken place at Circuit Paul Ricard, with the FIA having announced an expanded list of events.

The new date for 2021 will be announced later on, when the situation is normal. Most championships are pinning hope to re-start their competitions from July onward or at max from August, with things slowly getting better in Europe – even there’s still much to do.

Here’s the full statement from the FIA:

“Acutely aware of the need to contain the Covid-19 pandemic and keep everyone safe, the FIA has taken the responsible decision, in conjunction with SRO Motorsports Group, to put back the second edition of the FIA Motorsport Games by a year. After the first edition was staged last year at the Vallelunga circuit, near to Rome, the second installment will therefore be held on 22-24 October 2021 in the host city of Marseille and at the Circuit Paul Ricard, as initially planned.

“The purpose of this measure is to support people working in the motorsport industry, reducing further logistical and financial pressure on them in particular. With all the championships providing competitors to the event needing to revise their race calendars at the end of the year, this will equally help to avoid any potential scheduling clashes. Above all, it will mean that National Sporting Authorities – who are key to this event – can concentrate on handling the inevitable difficulties related to this unprecedented crisis before contemplating taking part in the event in 2021.

“With an additional year to define the shape of this second edition, the FIA and SRO Motorsports Group will therefore be able to prepare more effectively for this coming together of the world of motorsport. They will also do everything they can to provide the National Sporting Authorities with as much support as possible, helping them in getting to grips with regulations and in forming their national teams. The FIA Motorsport Games are set to see the introduction of new disciplines such as rallying and historic motor sport, as well as placing greater emphasis on entry-level and grassroots motorsport categories.”

FIA President Jean Todt stated: “Unfortunately, due to the Covid 19 crisis, we have decided to postpone the 2020 Motorsport Games to next year. It will leave the opportunity to ASN’s, the teams and our promoter SRO to be better prepared. I take the opportunity to wish the best to the Circuit Paul Ricard which celebrated its 50th anniversary last Sunday and to thank them for welcoming the next FIA Motorsport Games.”

SRO Motorsports Group founder & CEO Stephane Ratel added: “Moving the second edition of the FIA Motorsport Games to 2021 is the correct course of action. The event was conceived as a late-season contest with each nation represented by its most talented competitors, but many series will now race further into the year than anticipated, meaning it would have fallen during a very busy period. To avoid this conflict, we will begin planning for 2021 and are pleased to have confirmed a revised date at Circuit Paul Ricard. I am grateful that this decision has been reached in such good time and believe that the second edition of the FIA Motorsport Games will ultimately be stronger for it.”

And finally FFSA President Nicolas Deschaux stated: “France, being a national sports authority, will gladly welcome and host in 2021, the various nations represented by its best drivers, on one of its legendary circuits, the circuit Paul Ricard. This postponement is indeniably a wise decision considering the uncertain period the world is going through. International motorsport hence proves to be a responsible actor in society.”

Here’s details of the expanded FIA Motorsport Games 2