The seven UK-based F1 teams are pushing all out to help the Government and NHS through Project Pitlane, even though some have hit a setback.

We have already seen how Mercedes, together with UCL and UCLH, prepared a breathing aide system called CPAP, which is helping patients fighting COVID-19 to breathe smoothly, while rest of the F1 teams have been involved with Ventilator Challenge UK.

UK-based F1 outfits like McLaren, Red Bull Racing, Racing Point, Renault, Haas and Williams, have all been working flat-out with various companies to prep up ventilators, to meet the demands made by NHS as patients numbers grow everyday.

Among these, Renault and Red Bull hit a setback, when the Government had to scrap the ventilator model prepared by them under the guidance of a junior doctor from NHS, Alastair Darwood. His entrepreneurial project is named as ‘BlueSky’.

The model prepared by him is useful for normal patients suffering from respiratory disease but the COVID-19 requires a sophisticated design to help the patients. As per a statement from F1, the teams will continue to help under different projects.

“The F1 team project leads for BlueSky – Red Bull Racing and Renault F1 Team – have shown brilliant dedication and skill throughout the project and should feel proud of the work they have undertaken,” the spokesperson was quoted by The Guardian.

“The seven teams continue to focus their collective efforts on the two remaining workstreams, while standing ready to respond to any further calls for help.” The new order is for Rapidly Manufactured Ventilator System (RMVS), where all F1 teams are working.

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