Toto Wolff has puts brakes on his Aston Martin link amid fresh rumors after F1 team confirmation as he says he is eyeing a longer future with Mercedes.

Already when Aston Martin was put on sale, there was strong rumor about a possible takeover of the British car maker by Wolff, where he would merge it with Mercedes, who will then take a back seat from being an active F1 team on the grid.

That was already shot down as Racing Point co-owner Lawrence Stroll came in to buy the manufacturer and now has confirmed that he will create ‘Aston Martin F1 Team’ in 2021, as the Silverstone-based outfit will see yet another name change since Jordan .

The Canadian businessman was named as the manufacturer and F1 team’s head. But there were fresh stories doing round which linked Wolff to Aston Martin but the Austrian as denied it when speaking to ORF through phone during a news broadcast.

“There is no truth to the rumors that I’m going to be CEO of Aston Martin,” said Wolff. “I’m in a partnership with Daimler in the F1 team and that’s my priority. An investment consortium led by Lawrence Stroll has taken over a share in Aston Martin.

“This is a financial investment. But an operational role on my part at Aston Martin is definitely out of the question.” Additionally, Wolff stated that he is looking toe extend his relation with Daimler and Mercedes and also its new boss Ola Kallenius.

The Austrian’s contract is to end in 2020. “I am with Mercedes in our eighth year now and I really enjoy working with the people there,” said Wolff. “At the same time, I discuss our future with Ola Kallenius, our joint venture and how we want to continue together.

“The platform is working very well for Mercedes as a brand and therefore everything points to us working together for the next few years.” Talking about the 2020 F1 season, Wolff feels they may start by end of summer and on-set of autumn but cautioned that nothing can be made in certain due to the virus spread.

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The quotes have been translated by Tami (@Vetteleclerc)