Guenther Steiner says the updates from Haas seems to be good so far as more analysis will happen in second half when both cars will use them.

Haas used an unusual approach to postpone its heavy updates to the last race before the F1 summer break in Hungary. Even there, only Kevin Magnussen had those on his car, as the team could only get them ready for just the one car.

The results were so-so for that race as both Magnussen and team were only understanding those updates. Now with the whole second half to go through, Haas will have the updates fitted on Mick Schumacher’s car too for better analysis.

The initial data look seems to provide good results and it also caught the eyes of its rivals due to the updates being very similar to Ferrari. “We could see that the on-car numbers were corelating to the wind tunnel numbers, which is always a good sign, and now we have to get the best out of it in lap time,” said Haas chief Steiner.

“Before the shutdown, the team looked at the data closely and will do more now they’re back from the break but at the moment it looks good and hopefully we can better our lap time. Both cars will have the upgrade package [from Belgium onward].

“We had one kit ready before the shutdown so we said we’ll put it on one car to collect some data so when we’re back, we have that data and now we can already work on the set-up, getting out in Spa straightaway,” summed up Steiner.

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