Mick Schumacher says he hasn’t change his approach post the Monaco shunt after which his results in F1 started to improve.

It was a tough start to 2022 F1 campaign for Haas’ Schumacher where it took him 10 races to score his first points while teammate Kevin Magnussen scored in the first race itself. The German did face some troubles and crashed more often.

His Monaco shunt came as a heavy shock where team boss Guenther Steiner publicly put on gun on the German’s head in terms of his crashes. With the cost cap situation, naturally, the crashes were costing Haas a lot more than they desired.

But post the Monaco race, things started to fall in place for Schumacher as couple if spirited drive earned him his first points in F1. His confidence started to rise and he was up there with Magnussen in the mix for points in few of the events where they had pace.

When asked if Schumacher has changed his approach post Monaco crash, the German noted that it was more about understanding the car and getting the set-up right rather than changing his style which brought favourble results.

“I think we’re doing… Each weekend we are improving our set-up and I think we’re getting closer to the Alpine guys with each weekend and that’s kind of where we are aiming to,” said Schumacher. “My approach? No, I wouldn’t say so. I think it’s just a matter of being consistent with what we’re doing.

“And I think we always pretty much start off with a good set-up, and right away I had a good session so I think that that’s what we’re aiming for here as well, or like for tomorrow, especially just to, you know, build the weekend from scratch well, so that we’re basically able to be consistent, and know what we need to change and know what we have in our car, let’s say,” summed up Schumacher.

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