F1 reveals starting of ‘FanCam’ for 2020 races as well as sale of chequered flag squares for charity, while new date for Canadian GP is in news.

Just as America’s National Football league did for the draft, F1 will allow fans to send in footage of their excited cheers and reactions to supplement their absence in the grandstands themselves when the 2020 starts behind the closed doors.

This fan footage will be displayed on trackside screens, and the best ones will be hand-picked to be presented. F1 warned in their release that fans who wish to make it have to submit their respective entries within four days to be in with a shot of being on the big screens in Austria, or in fact, the whole of the 2020 season.

Few restrictions apply, save for an eight-second cap on video lengths, and a minimum duration of five seconds for each, as well as a minimum entrant age of 18-years-old. F1 has also instructed entrants to maximize their mobile phone camera quality.

Statement: “Our new F1 FanCam screens put you trackside at the Grand Prix. Show your team or driver your support like never before. Upload your roars, cheers and Ricciardo smiles in a short film for a chance to be featured around the world in broadcast or social.

“But be quick. For a chance to have your video used for the first race in Austria, you only have 4 days to get your entry in. After that, we’ll be selecting the best videos to use across the season. Now warm up those fist pumps for the first ever #F1FanCam.”

Aside the F1FanCam idea, F1 also revealed that they will be selling chequered flag squares in support of their new ‘We Race As One’ initiative to further help inequality rise due to COVID-19, with the squares on sale for all of 2020 races for the price of 200 GBP.

Rather than the squares being handed over for cash, though, those who purchase one of the 56 squares will get their names on the flag that has become synonymous with the conclusion of a grand prix. The remaining 24 slots will be given to promoters’.

F1 has added that fans will receive their square mounted and framed along with an image of the flag in action and a hologram to guarantee authenticity post the grand prix. Here’s where you can buy the square for Austrian GP: https://www.f1authentics.com/gifts/buy-a-piece-of-history-from-the-austrian-grand-prix-2020/

Here’s where you can upload your videos for F1 FanCam: https://formula1.tell-us-what-you-think.com/s3/Formula-1-F1FanCam?utm_medium=email&utm_source=Ogilvy&utm_campaign=20200623_Announcement_FanCam&utm_content=Final&utm_term=20200623_Announcement_FanCam

Here’s the dates for the rest of the 2020 F1 races to buy the square:

Styrian Grand Prix July 12 June 29
Hungarian Grand Prix July 19 July 6
British Grand Prix August 2 July 20
70th Anniversary Grand Prix August 9 July 27
Spanish Grand Prix August 16 August 3
Belgian Grand Prix August 30 August 10
Italian Grand Prix September 6 August 17


In addition to the above news, PolePosition.ca is reporting that F1 may announce a new date for the Canadian GP ahead of the Austrian GP. The report states October 9-11 as the new date, with limited number of fans allowed in, as well.

They add that Russia is also likely to remain on the calendar with fans allowed in. So far, F1 has revealed dates of eight races in Europe but more could be added where the likes of Hockenheim, Mugello, Algarve and Imola have been linked.

With the cases rising in Brazil and Mexico, it is unclear about their position, while USA and Vietnam remains out of news. There is movement for China, with F1 reportedly requesting for two rounds, which is similar for Bahrain but Abu Dhabi seems inclined for one.

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