Mercedes has released details of the changes inside the garage with the COVID-19 protocols as Red Bull Ring welcomes F1 with a music video.

With barely two days remaining for the action to finally kick-off in 2020 F1 season, Mercedes has another video under ‘Countdown to Austria’ where Rob Meadows and James Allison go through the changes to come on-site for teams working.

Starting out the video, Allison talked about getting the freight back from Melbourne at Mercedes base where they couldn’t even open it up due to shutdown. Thankfully nothing was damaged despite the chance of rust on parts due to dampness inside the boxes.

From there, Mercedes duo discussed about the start of the season and how the Silverstone F1 test helped them to understand the new changes. To help the engineering team in distancing, FIA has allowed four meters extension at the back of the garage.

For Hungary, it will be a seven meters extension. Also, as we can already see from pictures, F1 teams have been allotted small huts instead of their fancy motorhomes, while the Paddock Club will be used for assembly of respective teams with no fans around.

With regards to the face mask and communication, Mercedes admitted it to be a trouble as a lot of it was dependent on facial expressions but it is no longer possible, which is why they have had to resort to sign languages for better conveyance.

Here’s the full video by Mercedes:

Aside Mercedes, with Red Bull having an unique opportunity to start the 2020 F1 season with not just one but two races, it had percussionist Martin Grubinger and his team playing on top of the Bull with F1, Moto2, modified race cars and planes/helicopters around them.

They had 1995 Sauber F1 car driven by David Coulthard along with NASCAR, Moto2 bikes and the Lockheed P-38 ‘Lightning’ warbird, used during the filming. “I was invited to see the Bull – and I drummed a little bit on it and found out that the acoustics are fantastic! I hit it and immediately I was in love,” said Grubinger.

“It was clear to me that it would be great to create a hymn for the return of Formula 1. “It was very important to us not only to make music and then to put motorsport on top of it, but a score was actually created, and everything was timed very precisely.”

Here’s the full video by Red Bull:

Here’s some more shots:

Dario Costa of Italy flies in an Edge 540 while the Percussive Planet Ensemble performs in Spielberg, Austria on June 22, 2020. // Joerg Mitter / Red Bull Content Pool // AP-24G3SVK352111 // Usage for editorial use only //
The Percussive Planet Ensemble performs in Spielberg, Austria on June 21, 2020. // Joerg Mitter / Red Bull Content Pool // AP-24G3SVT8D2111 // Usage for editorial use only //
The MBB BO 105 CB piloted by Mirko Flaim of Italy and the Percussive Planet Ensemble seen in Spielberg, Austria on June 22, 2020. // Armin Walcher / Red Bull Content Pool // AP-24G3SVP812111 // Usage for editorial use only //

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