With almost an hour of delay and with high expectations, Red Bull presented its new car for 2018. They have not failed. With a provisional decoration, the Red Bull presents an enviable esthetic.

Milton Keynes team warned that they would be competitive from the first race but Helmut Marko says it will be difficult to fight for the championship this season: “The Renault engine should be more reliable and We will fight with a competitive chassis in 2018, but if Mercedes produces a new engine, the question is whether it has an even better advantage, but we should be closer to Mercedes”.

It relies on a substantial improvement in the performance of the Renault engine, which will provide them with power for their new wings. It will surely be the key to see the Red Bull fighting for victories. Last season they already won three times. Ricciardo in Azerbaijan and Verstappen in Malaysia and Mexico.

The new Red Bull will take its first steps, if the Silverstone fog allows it, today. It will be Daniel Ricciardo who is going to drive his new car in th filming day of Red Bull. The team considers this test very valuable to pick up the first sensations of the car.

Another point to highlight has been the decoration of the car. The black and blue camouflage, with white advertising, make a really striking combination. Red Bull has been commissioned in the same press release to turn off hopes of a new design. The final colours of the team will be presented in the test of Catalonia or even in the first race in Australia.

The RB14 was born to achieve a regularity that last year they did not have, no matter how aerodynamically good their predecessor was. Between Ricciardo and Max added 13 dropouts that prevented them from fighting face to face with Ferrari and Mercedes.