Sebastien Loeb wins the stage and becomes leader of the overall, followed by his two companions in Peugeot, Stéphane Peterhansel and Cyril Despres


The second part of the marathon stage suffered modifications from Uyuni (Bolivia) to Salta (Argentina). The rise of a river that had to go through the competitors involved the neutralization of the first part of the special of the day in the CP1.


Then the drivers were on their way to the second part of the special situated on the border between Bolivia and Argentina. Due to these modifications the special was reduced in 73 km.

Stéphane Peterhansel opened today’s stage followed by his compatriot and team-mate Sébastien Loeb. After passing through the WP1 “Messier Dakar” leading the stage with Loeb to less than a minute and Cyril Despres to 1’14. Behind them, was closely followed by Mikko Hirvonen and Giniel De Villiers just 3 minutes from the French of Peugeot.

A few kilometers later, the leader of the stage was lost and gave them a few minutes. His team-mate Sebastien Loeb as he took advantage and was first to more than 3 minutes. Hirvonen, De Villiers and Nani Roma could not to follow the Peugeot and fell more than 5 minutes. After passing through the CP1 Loeb was leading the stage followed by Despres Peterhansel, Hirvonen and Orlando Terranova.

Return to the special stage the situation was the same, with Loeb and Peterhansel unattainable followed by a Despres who wanted to lose as little time as possible.
Finally third stage win for Sebastien Loeb and second triplet for Peugeot with Peterhansel and Despres, second and third respectively, in the overall.
Since the end of the second part of the timed up to Salta the driverss had to travel 350 kilometers in link. However, an avalanche in the province of Jujuy complicates this journey and are looking for an alternative route, according to the organization of the Dakar.