F1 team bosses discuss about the potential new teams submitting their names to the FIA to join the grid with more apart from Andretti coming in.

Amid the chatter around Andretti-Cadillac, LKY SUNZ became the second to publicise their bid to join the F1 grid from 2025/26 onward. The latter have people who were associated with the Panthera project and so it is unclear if both are doing things separately.

Outside these two, Hitech GP are another name doing rounds along with a project from Calvin Lo and also one about having 50/50 gender based team. With a slot for likely only two F1 outfits available, there could be about 3-4 eyeing to get their dreams fulfilled.

But the current F1 teams remain adamant with their points too regarding new entrants. They are naturally worried about the finances which will be lowered once it gets divided between 12 teams as opposed to the current 10 and so the money they get will be less.

While on the outside they seem to be diplomatically welcoming, they are trying as much to not let it happen. They even raised the idea of increasing the entering amount which will make it difficult to enter and if at all someone is ready to give it, they stand to get a share.

Here’s the latest of what the F1 team bosses have said on more bids –

Toto Wolff: “First of all, we have no say in this. If we’re being asked… Our opinion is being asked. But we’re not part of the process of choosing a team or not. The opinion that we have expressed is that it’s very difficult in F1 to perform. It has taken us many years to be where we are. We’ve gone through really difficult times where Formula 1 wasn’t the blockbuster it is today, and therefore whoever enters the sport, I think it would be beneficial for all of us if they can really bring something new to the show, if it can help us to increase our audiences or if there is lots of marketing dollars that are being invested, similar to what we have done over the years.

“Red Bull and Mercedes, sitting here, I mean, hundreds of millions. And if that were the case, I think we need to be all open-minded and say how can we contribute to making that happen? But again, we’re not part of the governance. And so I would very much hope that we find someone, if we decided to go for another team, that somebody can really leverage what we have today and make it even greater.”

Christian Horner: “Yeah, I think the issues remain the same as 12 months ago, both fiscally – what is the incentive for an existing team or franchise to accept an 11th entrant – and then ultimately, who pays? I mean, if it dilutes the income of the 10, it’s like turkeys voting for Christmas. Why would they do that? You know, are Liberty prepared to pay and fund an 11th team, are the FIA prepared to reduce their fees to help accommodate it? So, you know, there are all the financial aspects.

“But I think beyond that, as well is, with the way that the sport has now developed, if you look at the pit lane, for example, here or somewhere like Monaco, Zandvoort, or some of the circuits that we’re now racing at, where would we be able to accommodate an 11th team? I think that in itself, just operationally, where do we put the motorhomes? Where do we put the support? Where do the trucks go? I just think it would be an incredibly difficult thing to be accommodated with the way that the sport has currently evolved as well.”

Franz Tost: “Everything has been said so far. And it’s a decision from FIA and from FOM. And as Christian has already mentioned, it’s also a question of the infrastructure. It’s not so easy to say, ‘OK, we bring in an 11th or 12th team or whatever’ because we have to change many things to realise this. Anyway, it’s not in the hands of, as Toto said, the teams. It’s a decision of FIA and FOM and then we will see what they will decide.”

Otmar Szafnauer: “Well, I think all the teams are going through the process now with FIA and then thereafter FOM and I’m sure the process will deliver the right amount of teams that they feel that we should have. But from my perspective, if the entire sport can be better off by adding teams that’s what we should be looking at doing. Right now we have 10 teams like Zak was saying, that if we can reel one in, there’s 10 of us competing almost at the same level and I think that’s good for the fans.

“We haven’t had that in recent years in F1 and I think Zak’s right, the cost cap has helped, better distribution of the income has helped. The fact that the sport is on the ascendancy means we get more sponsorship too and with all that, having 10 healthy teams is great for the sport. If we had more than 10, and it becomes a little bit less healthy, maybe that’s not so good. But that’s not for us, or not for me to say. So. for me, it’s whatever optimises the entire sport, whatever that number is.”

Zak Brown: “Yeah, I agree with everything that Otmar said, which is a first for everything? No, I’m teasing. And, you know, as long as they are additive to our sport, I’d love to see more cars on the grid. I think it’s exciting. I remember when I started following F1, you had pre-qualifying, I think there were 30-31 cars trying to show up to make the show. So I think an increase in the grid of the right teams that bring the right resources and are additive to what we’re all trying to do and help grow the sport then I’m all for it. What we can’t have is… Really the only credible, sustainable team that I’ve seen in the last decade is Guenther’s.

“And so what we do need to make sure is if someone enters that they really have the commitment and can do what it takes. Because in my experience, I think in a variety of motor sports, you do see a lot of dreamers and what we don’t need with the health of the sport is a team coming in underestimating what it’s going to take and two years later, they’re gone. So you know, hats off to, to Haas for the commitment they’ve made and continue to make to the sport, so we need more teams like that.”

Guenther Steiner: “There is not a lot to add here. I mean, I agree with that one. And for me saying it’s 11 or 12, I’m not in a position to know what they bring to the sport. But I think if we got more teams, there needs to be an upside for the 10 which are here, you know, and then I think nobody will have anything against it. But there needs to be an upside and not just more sharing. So I think it could be 11, could be 12, could be 13, I don’t know. But in the end, FIA and FOM are looking into it and seeing if they can bring an upside to the 10 stakeholders, as the guys said here, which are very solid now, all 10 of them. We didn’t have that for a long time. The competition is getting closer as well. Financially, everybody’s stable. Why should we rock that boat, you know, if there is not more coming to us?”

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