AlphaTauri shares of loss of life and people affected in Faenza after heavy rains, as F1 Accelerate summit sees protesters.

AlphaTauri –

With heavy rains and storm in the Emilia Romagna region since the last few days, AlphaTauri has shared an affectionate message for the two people who lost their lives and also for those who are affected by flooding in the whole area.

Faenza is one of the areas affected by flooding and it is the home of the AlphaTauri team. Even the Imola circuit is not far off from the region. There is damage to the Faenza region but the F1 outfit hasn’t noted about any damage to its factory.

They have, however, stated that some of their employees have been affected by the flooding too. While the F1 fraternity is stationed in Miami, they are due to visit Imola for the Emilia Romagna GP on the May 19-21 weekend in two weeks time.

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F1 Accelerate –

The talked about F1 Accelerate summit held at Rubell Museum in Miami saw protesters enter the site while Jay Leno started to give out the opening remarks in the presence of a large audience which had Liberty Media’s Greg Maffei and Stefano Domenicali.

The PETA supporters were protesting against Liberty Media’s support towards Iditarod, which is a grueling 1,000-mile dog-sled race held in Alaska in the snows where more than 150 dogs have died as per the protesting group.

The group is following Maffei who was protested against in an event in California too. They penetrated the Miami event – which has Lewis Hamilton as one of the speakers – via the VIP enclosure. The protesters note Liberty Media putting in $250,000 every year.

“Greg Maffei heads a company that forces dogs to run until their paws bleed and their bodies give out, and they even die after inhaling their own vomit, with 150 dead dogs and counting,” said PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman. “PETA is pleading with Liberty Media to stop propping up this despicably cruel dog race right now.”

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