LKY SUNZ are latest to announce its bid to join the F1 grid from 2025 onward as they launch their effort with an interesting video.

The new-for team LKY SUNZ is aiming to secure significant investment in order to complete the formal application to the FIA before the deadline which has been extended. Its primary backer at the moment is US-based Legends Advocates Sports Group.

They are also getting investment from Asian private individuals and corporates to join the F1 grid for the 2025/2026 season. They are to be based wholly outside of Europe in South East Asia, while forging links to inner city communities as well.

Those communities are from across North America, Asia and Africa. The outfit describes itself as a ‘entertainment and youth culture-focused’ F1 team. LKY SUNZ has named co-founder Benjamin Durand as its Chief Executive Officer.

Among others, Paul Fleming will be the Chairman, while co-founder Andrew Pyrah is the Chief Commercial Officer. The net zero green energy-powered factory complex will be based in South East Asia where they will shift by 2025/2026.

Initially, the work will be based in Europe. Chris Miles will assist LKY SUNZ to forge ways to help underrepresented communities through various programmes to be part of the team. “We are excited to see our investors share our vision of fusing youth culture and racing to create a team that will disrupt Formula One,” said Durand.

“The sport’s popularity has grown exponentially and every current stakeholder in the sport has been responsible for that, but our guiding principle is to bring something different into the sport to appeal to new audiences.

“By being the only team operating outside the traditional F1 corridors and developing bespoke programmes to attract talent from underrepresented communities, we can bring a diversity of thought yet to be seen in Formula One. We of course aim to be competitive on the track but we also commit to entertaining fans off the track.

“To support our plans, we have already onboarded an impressive team of motorsport executives, music and entertainment industry experts and creatives who will help bring this vision to life,” summed up Durand, who was also involved with the Panthera project.

Here’s the video:

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