McLaren’s Lando Norris has promised to shave off his hair after reaching the donation amount he had set out as Williams’ Roy Nissany shares piano version of F1 theme.

Norris has been the most prominent figure during this forced break due to COVID-19 pandemic. The McLaren F1 racer has been playing non-stop in multiple ESports races, so much so that a ‘Challenge Lando’ was created just for him last weekend.

The ‘shaving-off his hair’ wasn’t part of the F1 ESports challenge, but a goal set out by himself on Twitch, where he said that he will shave his hair off if the stream generates $12,000 towards COVID-19 and if they get to $15,000, Norris would have dyed it.

In the end, they achieved over $12,000 but not $15,000. He is not backing out of it as Norris confirmed on the F1 ESports stream that he has already ordered a trimmer on Amazon. Not just all of the fans but teammate Carlos Sainz is eagerly waiting for it too.

Last year the McLaren F1 pair had a banter where ‘Baldo Norris’ became quite popular. With the real racing to not resume until mid-June – at the very least – the British racer may just escape any embarrassment (if any) to be at races with no hair.

While Norris is having his share of fun with ESports racing, Williams development driver and Trident Formula 2 racer Nissany showcased his piano skills by re-creating the F1 theme – originally created by Brian Tyler – in the off-period.

In another unique video, F1 shared a fan-made art where the racers were mixed with America’s sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The fan integrated the intro music of the show with selected drivers to generate a nice watch amid the pandemic.

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