McLaren Racing have confirmed that all of its F1 members are back home in the United Kingdom after spending weeks in quarantine in Australia.

Earlier this week, McLaren confirmed to that their 19 team members will be back home in the UK by this week and early on Thursday, the team noted that all of them are back in their base, having spent weeks in quarantine in Australia.

After one member tested positive for COVID-19, McLaren pulled out from the F1 Australian GP as a total of 16 members were put under isolation due to coming in contact with the tested personnel. There was no immediate danger to anyone all along.

McLaren also noted that Andreas Seidl stayed back for few days after which he returned with Andrea Stella staying put along with two other members to help the people in isolation. This ends the weeks of quarantine as they now head into a shutdown.

Along with the good news from McLaren, Pirelli also confirmed to that their positive tested member also returned home safe and sound. They added that with the regulations pushed to 2022, they will continue with the 13-inch tyres in 2021 F1 season.

Meanwhile, speaking about what McLaren were upto prior to the shutdown, Seidl noted: “Currently, the key focus for everyone in the team is on staying safe. Prior to shutdown, much of the team are working from home, with only critical staff working in the factory on split shift working schedules.

“This enables us to be ready to go racing again as soon as we can, while minimising the risk to our team. We all want to go racing and we carry that passion with us whatever our working arrangements are. The effort doesn’t stop, we just make sure that we are working in a safe manner.”

The team is also helping out the British Government in preparing ventilators in time of need. McLaren chief Zak Brown added that everyone will come out stronger from this situation going forward as the world faces heat due to the pandemic.

“Andreas and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the hard-working men and women in the team for their determination and commitment at this difficult time,” said Brown. “We also want to praise the superb leadership and composure that has shone so brightly, both out in Australia and back at base in Woking.

“The brilliance and bravery of our people never ceases to amaze us, and we are incredibly proud to work with each and every one of you. We also want to thank our fantastic partners for their support and understanding during this period and, finally, say a very special thank you to our loyal fans around the world.

“While we cannot say when this trying period will end, we can assure you that McLaren will be your constant amidst great uncertainty. We will continue to excite and inspire you with the energy, ingenuity and passion that lies at the heart of everything we do.

“We’ll be ready to race again as soon as the situation improves and F1 gets the green light. We’re all committed to bringing our fans a great 2020 season. These are incredibly challenging times for everyone, but by working together we can, and will, overcome them to go racing again.”

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