FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem will be at the annual FIA Prize Gala despite being ill after a suffering a fall and concussion.

Sulayem is under fire at the moment after the recent saga involving a conflict case. The FIA did close the matter without naming either Mercedes F1 boss Toto Wolff and or F1 Academy’s Susie Wolff, but both of them are not leaving it as it is.

A report on Business F1 kick-started the media trial but it all quiet until FIA took it up with its Compliance Officer. Even though they did not name anyone, it was linked to the Wolffs, who are now disappointed and are in a legal dialogue with the governing body.

It is another FIA vs F1 situation, with Sulayem at centerstage. He is present in Baku for the annual Gala but the governing body has sent out a note stating of his reduced involvement. He has been involved in the different meets in General Assembly.

But his action in the FIA Gala on Friday night will be less due to a fall he suffered few days ago where he was concussed. Sulayem was taken care of by the governing body’s doctors and also the doctors of Azerbaijan’s motorsport federation.

“Several days ago the President took ill and suffered a fall and concussion,” a statement read. “He received care in hospital and will make a full recovery. He would like to thank the medical staff and Mr Anar Alakbarov and his team for their help, and to all those in the FIA family that have sent their well wishes. He will [be at FIA Gala]. But he will do a lot less than initially planned.”

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