F1 Academy chief Susie Wolff is not satisfied with FIA’s closure of the conflict case as she feels it was attack on her integrity and reputation.

F1 Academy chief Wolff has come out with another strong statement after the FIA ended the conflict case noting that there is no ongoing investigation in any matter. Even though the governing body did not mention anyone, but the target was put on the Wolffs.

A report on Business F1 already mentioned Mercedes’ Toto and F1 Academy’s Susie which led to media speculation. The FIA acted upon it but from FOM to Mercedes, everyone where surprised by the governing body’s statement without consultation.

It did not mention anyone but noted that they acted upon it after complaints. However, all of the nine F1 teams came up with a unified statement to deny having complained about it, which eventually forced the FIA to pull back and end the investigation.

They noted that they are satisfied with FOM’s measures. But this is not enough for Susie Wolff, who has released a strong worded statement. She wants accountability and transparency to understand how all of this happened publicly.

She feels it was an attack on her integrity and even reputation that she has built over the years. There has been public humiliation in the case where there has been online abuse and tags on her which she thinks she does not deserve after the hard work put in.

Here’s the full statement:

UPDATE: Moments after Susie Wolff released her statement, Mercedes’ released another one citing Toto, who echoed what his wife said with respect to transparency on the matter. “We understand that there is significant media interest in the events of this week,” he said.

“We are currently in active legal exchange with the FIA. We await full transparency about what took place and why, and have expressly reserved all legal rights. Therefore we ask for your understanding that we will not be commenting officially for now, but we will certainly address the matter in due course.”

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