The FIA has alerted F1 fans about Prive Global Sports Ltd who are offering to sell hospitality packages without its authorisation.

In a slightly different alert from the FIA, the governing body has alerted fans of F1 about Prive Global Sports – a company who are offering to sell and or assist to buy hospitality packages to grand prix events without its authorisation.

The company is sending letters which they are posing it as that they have come from the FIA featuring the governing body’s name and logo. Not just that, they are adding names of the staff members and using the F1 emblem and logo on those letters.

The FIA has informed the fans that they have not authorised Prive Global Sports to do that and or sell hospitality packages to F1 events and that potential customers should ignore the company approaching them to sell them the packages.

Here’s a statement –

The FIA has recently become aware that a company named Prive Global Sports Ltd (trading as Privè Global Events) has been offering to sell (and/or to assist its customers in purchasing) hospitality packages to FIA Formula One World Championship Grands Prix.

As part of those offers, Privè Global Events has been providing its potential customers with letters purporting to have been sent to it by the FIA to confirm the allocation of hospitality passes in the names of Privè Global Events’ customers. Those letters feature the FIA’s name and logo, alongside the names of bona fide FIA staff members, of the FIA Formula 1 World Championship and F1 logo.

However, Privè Global Events is not authorised by the FIA (or any of its affiliated entities) to sell hospitality package tickets to Grand Prix, and the letters that Privè Global Events has been providing to its potential customers were not sent by the FIA. Accordingly, any representation from Privè Global Events relating to the FIA should be ignored.

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