The Madrid GP has gained further momentum to feature on the F1 calendar from 2026 season onward.

For the last couple of years, there has been talks about Madrid GP joining the F1 calendar with Spain looking at a street track around the Valdebebas area. Amid the discussions, the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya extended its contract until 2026 season.

The circuit has undergone major changes to comply with the latest needs of both F1 and MotoGP. But the talks about a Madrid GP continued on behind the scenes. The scope of having two Spanish races at one go looked less likely despite doing it before.

Considering the expansion mode to other areas around the globe, two F1 races in the same country Europe seems less likely going forward. The proposed Madrid GP in the valdebebas area will see the IFEMA convention center as the epicenter of the grand prix.

The grand prix could feature on the F1 calendar as early in 2026 and or from 2027 onward depending on the contract agreement. Should it happen in 2026, there will be two races with Barcelona hosting Spanish GP and the street race being the Madrid GP.

The announcement of the same is expected soon as per ok Diario. The FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem was fine to have Madrid GP and even two Spanish events if needed. “It is a matter of meeting around a table and negotiating what is best for Formula 1,” he said to the newspaper. “Can Spain have two races? I think so.

“Then we have to study the commercial part, but I am sure that Formula 1 will study this possibility. And then we will work very well with it.” The paper reports that Isabel Diaz Ayuso to be the person involved in the Madrid GP project.

“I am positive, but I would be worried that any inappropriate word could be harmful,” he said in an interview in May. “Madrid has the best conditions and if it has a Grand Prix it will be the best in the world. For the quality of the facilities, for the offer that Madrid has in every sense, for its public infrastructures and for the flexible and open life that we have.”

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