Logan Sargeant felt surreal to ring the Closing Bell at NASDAQ and see his face on the billboard in the Times Square in New York.

Post the Australian GP weekend, Williams and Sargeant were off to New York for a special event where the American was seen at NASDAQ and Times Square alongside the team’s bosses from Dorilton Capital, who are based out in New York itself.

It is not often for people to be at NASDAQ and it was certainly surreal moment for Sargeant to be there and ring the Closing Bell. “Recently, I spent a really enjoyable few days in New York,” reflected the American. “I was able to see the city for the first time and I really enjoyed it.

“It was nice to see some friends there too, to my brother who came to visit while I was there, and just to be able to run around New York City for the first time was really, really cool. We did a lot of exciting stuff and you’ll see some of the stuff we did there that we haven’t yet shown on social media in the near future.

“Ringing the Closing Bell at NASDAQ and then seeing my face on the billboard in Times Square was definitely one of the coolest experiences of the week. I wasn’t expecting it. I don’t think I fully realised what we were doing until the day itself and I’ve watched them ring the bell so many times before, so it was cool to do it for myself,” summed up Sargeant.

Like he said, the American did a lot more things which Williams is likely to share in the run-up to his home event in Miami. Sargeant went to a NBA game and also visited the Brooklyn steakhouse Peter Luger, which was established in 1887.

It has been a good run so far for Sargeant despite no points to show for it. He has had some hiccups but it is early days for him. “After the first three races, I’m ahead of where I expected to be,” he said. “Now is a good time to reset, get back on the sim and have a good base to go forward again from here.”

Coming off from F2, it is a big change indeed for the youngster especially when he hasn’t spent much time in the feeder series as well. The biggest change is the amount of off-track work and also the fitness levels that one has to maintain to get through a weekend.

“There are some big differences between F2 and F1,” said Sargeant. “I think the biggest thing is when you come into an F1 weekend is you’re being pulled in multiple directions, whereas in F2 it’s fully track-focused.

“You can go through what you want to do on the driving side and that’s all you really have on a Thursday, whereas F1 is filled with media and other activities which means a lot more of the prep needs to be done before you get to the track, to allow for that time on Thursday.

“Physically, it’s definitely a lot more challenging. I feel like my body is still building up to it, but it’s getting closer and closer each race and I hope within a few more rounds, I’m to the point where I’m at my best.

“Trying to get the seat right makes a big difference; to have the positioning perfect is never easy to do. Generally, I’m working on the fatigue, the neck and the shoulders, and continuing to build my cardiovascular endurance so I don’t feel gassed by the end of the race,” summed up Sargeant.

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