Logan Sargeant was sorry for clouting the back of Nyck de Vries in F1 Australian GP, as he escapes any investigation into the matter.

The re-start caught out multiple drivers in F1 Australian GP but out of the three incidents, two were investigated, one escaped any. Out of those two, one was penalised and other wasn’t and all of this generated debate about consistency.

Carlos Sainz and Ferrari were baffled too with the quick decision, while many felt Pierre Gasly was let off after investigation. The one which wasn’t investigated at all involved Williams’ Sargeant and AlphaTauri’s de Vries during the same re-start.

Sargeant clouted the back of de Vries which forced him onto the gravel and retire from the grand prix. The American rued cold brakes and tyre temperature as he apologised the Dutchman, who took it sportingly even though there was no investigation into it.

“The re-start was pretty weird, I thought I braked too hard in my previous two starts, it just seems like nothing was up to temperatures whether it is the brakes or tyres,” said Sargeant to media. “When I hit the pedal, it was immediate both fronts lock, there was nothing that I could do.

“So, sorry to Nyck, I didn’t want to end there, as it is it was a tough enough day, it was disappointing to end like that.” At the same time, de Vries added: “It can happen, it is F1 and you can make a mistake or bad judgement, that’s a racing incident and we move on and I hope for a better race next time.”

Here’s what happened at re-start: https://www.formula1.com/en/latest/video.2023-australian-grand-prix-chaos-and-multiple-crashes-on-second-restart-sees-race-immediately-stopped-again.1762048506170535189.html

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