Valentino Rossi and Maverick Vinales shared their initial thoughts on the 2020 Yamaha prototype after the Brno MotoGP test.

While Rossi had more laps on the 2020 Yamaha prototype during the Brno MotoGP test, Vinales did handful of laps on the new machine as he focused more on solving his issues with the 2019 M1 for the remaining races.

The initial thoughts doesn’t seem overly good but Rossi insisted that it is possible to have such results as it is not fully tuned and only the first run of the bike, which will certainly be more developed in the course of time.

“It was a good day, a good test,” said Rossi to MotoGP website. “We worked a lot, we also find something good. We tried also the prototype of the new bike, but sincerely we don’t have a lot new.

“It’s a different engine and a little bit different setting of the chassis. But it’s just the first touch and we can have something else with the set-up also in the next test. There was something good, something bad.

“We expect a lot more, we know, because it is just the first touch. We don’t feel a lot of difference, no, but we expect because it’s just a little bit different in the engine but this is not the 2020 bike. It’s just the first prototype.

“And we will work, we will try something else, but we need more for sure. We try to have more grip, especially from the rear, so we try some different settings because for the rest the bike is the same.

“And we find something better, something worse, we fight a little bit with the wheelie. So we have a lot of work to do still. The seat has a little bit different shape. We tried different fairing also.

“It is the first prototype for next year to try and lessen the wheelie. It is good have something to try in Brno like the good old days, but it is just the first touch, we have a lot to do.

“I think that the Misano test, after Silverstone, will be important for everybody because we will have something else. But anyway it was a positive day.”

Meanwhile, Vinales added: “I focused more on Austria. I just did few laps, which were good with good lap times, so we will see in the next test. It’s just a step, a small step. I don’t know if it’s in the correct way.

“Because we tried it when there was a lot of grip on the track. Normally our bike works pretty well in such conditions. We have to try it when there is no grip. I think Misano will be very good to test it, when it’s hot conditions, very slippery, and there we will know more realistic things.”