Red Bull Racing signed IRIS as its new technical partner while Williams joined hands with Crew Clothing Company ahead of 2020 F1 season.

As the teams get ready for the 2020 F1 season, sponsor and partnership signings continues behind the scenes as they secure as much support to have a stable year financially. The latest signings see Red Bull pair up with IRIS, while Williams has Crew Clothing.

As Red Bull’s new audio partner, IRIS will be supplying the team with audio enhancement software and equipment which will be used on the pit wall during the races along with the simulator, the Ops Rooms at the factory and for all the demo events.

“F1 is a sport of marginal gains, and we never stop searching for new technology that will give us an edge,” said Christian Horner. “We’re delighted to partner IRIS, who offer us just that: greater clarity amid the uncertainty of the race track; more realism in the simulator and a pathway to greater relaxation when travelling.

“With a 22-race calendar this season, that’s going to be particularly valuable.” Jacobi Anstruther, founder and CEO of IRIS added: “IRIS is excited to be partnering with Aston Martin Red Bull Racing as their exclusive Audio Partner in F1.

“Both companies have innovation and the peak of human and technological performance at the core of everything we do, which makes this the perfect partnership. We look forward to embedding IRIS technology into every aspect of the Team’s activity.

“From pre-race, integrating the tech into the race simulators, during races, with IRIS enhancing pit to driver communications, and post-race, through the unique ability for IRIS to enable users to relax and ‘Listen Well’; this is a partnership which will showcase all the ways in which IRIS technology can enhance audio and performance.”

On the other hand, Williams has got Crew Clothing Company as its new travel kit supplier for 2020, starting from the F1 pre-season test at Barcelona. The logo of the brand will be featured on the sponsor screen and also the team trucks.

Claire Williams stated: “I am delighted to announce Crew Clothing will become the team’s official travel kit provider for the year ahead. Crew Clothing stands for quality, whereby they believe only the best will do and this is a value that we both share and will continually strive to achieve.

“I am looking forward to the 2020 season, and for the team to be wearing their iconic apparel to travel to our destinations.” Crew Clothing’s Brand Director, Georgina Clark added: “We’re delighted to be dressing the Williams team, bringing another classically British brand on-board for our ‘Summer of Sport’ campaign.

“The F1 calendar includes some of the most prestigious sporting events in the world. From Silverstone to Circuit de Monaco, our smart casual styles are perfect for a day out by the track.” The company is one of the many that has joined Williams in 2020.

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