With just few days left for 2020 F1 launches to kick-off, all the manufacturers have had a successful fire-up of their new power units.

Each year – usually just prior to car launch week- F1 teams/manufacturers share audios of their new power units coming to life. And, for 2020, the time has come, as all four of the manufacturers have released audio and video recordings of their fire-ups.

The first in line to showcase their fire-up was reigning F1 champions, Mercedes, who played it for the world to hear on January 28 via Twitter with the engine to be used by Racing Point and Williams – the latter also having had a successful launch.


Just one day after Mercedes, arch rivals Ferrari posted video of their power unit firing into life, with the engine to be used by Alfa Romeo Racing and Haas. The former also released their fire-up, while the latter became the first to released images of 2020 F1 livery.

That same day, the Renault F1 unit came alive too, with customer outfit McLaren breaking it first on their social channel. The factory squad themselves posted the same two days later on Twitter.

Days gone by as the fire-up from Honda was only awaited to complete the four manufacturers. It was AlphaTauri (formerly Toro Rosso) to share it on Twitter on February 9 with senior F1 outfit Red Bull Racing still to showcase its work.

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The story was edited by Darshan Chokhani