MotoGP rider Dani Pedrosa has hit back on Honda’s chief Alberto Puig over his demoralising comments for the Spaniard in the media.

The Honda’s MotoGP chief Puig has been critical of Pedrosa’s will and desire to compete at the highest level for few years now, so much so that he did not want him in the team as one of the riders once his contract expired at the end of the 2018 season.

After much deliberation, Pedrosa announced retirement from the sport all-together despite having offers from rival teams with Jorge Lorenzo signed up by the Japanese manufacturer alongside Marc Marquez in a fiery line-up for the team.

The interview by Puig has forced Pedrosa now to make an official comment which he did on his Facebook page where the Spaniard highlighted his disappointment while further stating that he do not wish to be part of a controversy.

“I’m sorry about the vision and the disappointment Alberto Puig has about my results,” wrote Pedrosa. “Having said that, I find it curious that he has changed his opinion about me so drastically overnight. I hope one day he can get over it.

“I gave him my very best, offering everything that I had in each moment. Doubting that a rider wants to be champion is not something you expect from someone working in this sport.

“I would have appreciated if all the resentment he’s showing towards me now he had shared with me in person in one of the many chances we’ve had this year, instead of waiting for me to be out of the team, as I’m not interested at all in the controversy he’s creating.

“In any case, he should leave those who doesn’t speak poorly of him alone..” The celebrated Spanish rider had a solid junior career but wasn’t fortunate enough to win world championship in MotoGP – finishing second thrice in his career.

He had a supreme career still but everything went for a toss in his final season where he finished 11th without any race wins to his name – in fact it was his worst MotoGP performance where he couldn’t even score a podium.

Despite the low performance and a not-so-good relation with Puig, there was an offer from Honda for Pedrosa to remain as its test and development rider but the Spaniard instead chose to join KTM where he will make his debut this month in a private test.