The controversial decision by the F1 Canadian GP stewards against Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel for his incident with Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton has brought in reactions from many within the motor racing community.

Vettel started off the F1 Canadian GP in style as he led from pole from Hamilton and held on to his lead even after the lone pit stop. It was close afterwards though as Hamilton caught the back of Vettel but the German hung on still.

The only place where Hamilton could have gained on Vettel was Turn 1, Turn 2 and Turn 8 which the British racer did but the Ferrari driver was still keeping his nose ahead. It came down crashing though eventually when Vettel slid onto the grass at Turn 2-3.

He lost the rear and went onto the grass with Hamilton still some way behind. He re-joined immediately in the tight corner with Hamilton almost side-by-side. He was put under investigation which resulted in a five second penalty and drama ensued.

While the rule is clear about re-joining but the FIA has always talked about taking incidents separately and penalising as per the crime committed at that moment. Looking at the corner and Vettel’s speed, the German had nowhere to go actually.

It was either Vettel to stop or crash into Hamilton or for Hamilton to back-off which he eventually did. The German couldn’t stop as much since the speed was already too much and by the time he managed to control, Hamilton was there already.

All in all, it looked likely a racing incident which Hamilton and Mercedes somewhat thought the case to be but everyone was shocked which sparked off the social media. Ferrari, though, has intended to appeal the decision. Meanwhile, here’s some of the opinions:

He followed it up with: “What’s Seb supposed to do? Crazy, the car stepped out at that point he was a passenger. Very very embarrassing. Nojoy in watching this race, two champions driving brilliantly, will end in a false result.”

Allan McNish stated: “Not really sure what VET could have done differently when rejoining….with the momentum he had he was always going to end up where he did….tough decision for VET.”

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