George Russell scored his first pole position in GP3 ahead of Jack Aitken and Dorian Boccolacci.

All the drivers head out on track at the green light, except Jack Aitken (ART GP), Nirei Fukuzumi (ART GP), Alessio Lorandi (Jenzer) and Raoul Hyman (Campos). George Russell (ART GP) was the first driver to dip under the 1’20’’ laptime. Halfway through the session, Giuliano Alesi (Trident) lost control of his car and went in the gravel at T5 but managed to return to the pits.

While most of the drivers were into the pits, Aitken led from Fukuzumi and Russell. Dorian Boccolacci managed to take the best time from Aitken before the Brit took back his best lap. With several minutes to go, all the drivers managed to improve with Russell setting the fastest lap.

George Russell set his maiden pole position in GP3 ahead of Aitken and Boccolacci. Pulcini, Schothorst, Alesi, Tveter, Hubert, Kari and Fukuzumi completed the top 10.