Kevin Magnussen was surprised with the pace shown by Haas early on in F1 2022, but concedes that others developed more than them.

Having been out of the sport for a couple of seasons, Magnussen got a surprise call-up from Haas to return to F1 to replace Nikita Mazepin. The Dane didn’t disappoint as the way he drove, it didn’t seem like he was away from the sport.

He was fifth in the opening round and had a sound year overall which included a pole in Brazil, but then he concedes that Haas were a bit letdown in the second part when the likes of Alfa Romeo, Alpine and Aston Martin got ahead of them in the pack.

Even though Haas were much better than what they have been in the last few years, the team did not have the second half they would liked to especially after the update they brought in. Magnussen, though, is confident that they can catch-up in the winter.

“It’s been a real journey,” said Magnussen. “Of course, at the beginning of the year, we were really strong. We started the season in Bahrain with P5, and that was a massive surprise, I guess, because the team had been struggling for two years.

“To hit the road [running] like that in the first race was pretty cool. And then, of course, we had a very strong first half of the year. I think some of the other teams, like Alpine and Aston Martin, kind of developed their performance more than us.

“But there’s no reason that we can’t catch up [with our development] over the winter and start again like we did [in 2022] next year,” summed up Magnussen, who will have another senior pro Nico Hulkenberg alongside him to steer the ship.

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