Nicholas Latifi recently lent his support to Bell in its initiative of raising mental health awareness in a campaign.

Bell held a ‘Bell Lets Talk Day’ on January 26 of this month to raise mental health awareness for the people in Canada. The simple idea is to create an importance of an individual’s own mental health and also other’s around them.

Williams F1 driver Latifi lent his support to the campaign where Bell contributed 5¢ for every #BellLetsTalk tweet on January 26. The Canadian recently talked about mental health troubles, especially the aftermath of the 2021 Abu Dhabi GP.

His late race crash called for a safety car which eventually changed the course of the grand prix as Max Verstappen not only went on to win the F1 race but also the drivers’ championship. It left a deep pain, not only to Mercedes team but also among the fans.

There were messages directed against Latifi where some even believed that the Canadian crashed on purpose. He was not alone in the firing line with FIA Race Director Michael Masi still in the center of the controversy as F1 builds up towards the 2022 season.

Having shared a lengthy post after remaining silent for few days, Latifi shared about his campaign to help others. “I’m proud to support ‘Bell Lets Talk Day’,” he wrote. “The campaign by Bell raises awareness of the importance of looking after our own and other people’s mental health.

“We don’t hesitate to talk about and spend time on our physical health and fitness. But it’s important to get, and keep, the conversation going around our mental health too, and to keep being there for ourselves and each other,” summed up Latifi.

He joins the likes of Lando Norris, Carlos Sainz, Daniel Ricciardo, Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel, etc, in raising awareness of mental health. On racing side, Latifi is back in the UK to prepare for the 2022 F1 season alongside his former F2 teammate Alexander Albon.

Here’s the amount received:

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