Italian police have arrested four people in connection of the Richard Mille watch theft of Charles Leclerc last year.

Amid on-track troubles for Ferrari’s Leclerc, there is some positive news for him off-track as Italian police have arrested four people in connection of the $320,000 Richard Mille ‘RM67 Leclerc timepiece’ watch that was taken away from him in April 2022.

Under the pretext of meeting him as fans, the robbers took away his watch while taking selfie. The police were put into action and within a year, they have managed to get hold of the robbers after they earlier reported of them selling it to a Spanish entrepreneur.

The Carabinieri of the Viareggio Mobile Radio Operations Unit in support of the soldiers from the Provincial Command of Naples, Caserta and Milan, arrested four people on Tuesday. There were three men and one woman as per the police.

The investigators looked at as many footage available including that of CCTV. They found that two person were on a scooter, while two persons – a 39-year-old man and a 29-year-old woman – were seen in a rented SUV from Naples.

The couple in the SUV assisted the two people on the scooter in escaping. Police also found that they made another robbery on same evening but it didn’t work either due to resistance or help from passer-by. The suspect had another episode from August 2021 of robbery.

The found valuable items from the home of one of the arrested person, but they are checking if the watch belongs to Leclerc or if they have sold it already. Further investigations will carry on to ascertain the motive and subsequent hiding.

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